seedling babies

Half a century ago, most children had much less structured childhoods than children do today. They had unsupervised summer days, often in natural settings. Their neighborhoods were occupied by bands of children who played constantly through backyards and streets. Instead of the free-range childhoods of years past, our children are fully scheduled and structured from an early age.

We, the adults who care for them, need to create as much spontaneous, unstructured time in the natural world as possible. These settings promote observations and discoveries and foster creativity and imagination. They will develop an attachment to and an understanding of their world and other species. Without these experiences, children will have less of an opportunity to develop an appreciation for and connections with the natural world.

Elements incorporated in our outdoor classroom:

  • Water
  • Messy Materials
  • Natural Building Materials
  • Sand
  • Plants
  • Pathways
  • A Stage
  • Open Spaces


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