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The Seedlings Room provides a warm, safe and nurturing environment for seven children who are between the ages of 2 months and 11 months at the time of enrollment. The three full time teachers respect each child’s individual needs and therefore follow a flexible schedule that caters to each child. As the children grow through the year, the classroom grows with them. The room creates a warm stimulating environment where children feel secure exploring their surroundings. Teachers recognize that infants and toddlers learn through their senses and provide interactions and experiences that encourage comfort and independence. As often as possible, the children go outside using buggies for walks or exploring in our own outdoor classroom. Daily reports are written sharing all the information relevant to your child’s day.

Seedling Room Goals:

  • Care for each child in a warm, affectionate way that lets each child know (s)he is a special person
  • Maintain strict sanitation procedures that are adhered to faithfully
  • Create a classroom environment that offers opportunities for exploring, learning and interacting
  • Stimulate the senses; recognize that infants and young toddlers learn through the use of their eyes, ears, fingers, sense of taste and smell
  • Engage in one-to-one interactions between teachers and children daily
  • Encourage independence and risk-taking
  • To have every child spend time outdoors everyday (weather permitting)



Music with Jammin With You (twice a monthly)


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