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The Trees Room is an enthusiastic, joyous space for the twenty children who begin at age 3 until they leave for kindergarten. The four full time teachers use a variety of experiences for the children to explore independently, in small groups, and as a whole group. The three rooms are divided into activity areas including block play, art, dramatic play, writing, manipulatives and math, library and listening, science and nature, and sensory exploration, Teachers create experiences in the activity areas to support self-help skills and foster independence, confidence, and cooperative play. The schedule also includes “small group time” which allows children on the same developmental line to work together to meet some of their motor, social, cognitive and language objectives. The Trees go outside daily to either our outdoor classroom or on a walk in the community to places such as Crystal Lake, Newton Centre Playground, the Library, and the Post Office. Out-of-area field trips are taken seasonally to apple orchards, Nature Centers, playgrounds, and theater shows using public transportation and rented buses.

Tree Room Goals:

  • Instill in each child a feeling of independence and self-discipline by allowing choices within limits
  • Provide a joyous, enthusiastic, creative and accepting environment in which children work and play
  • Provide ample opportunities for the use of stimulating and age-appropriate fine motor skills
  • Provide small group times allowing children on the same developmental line to meet motor, social and cognitive objectives
  • Offer experiences for children to explore concepts in math and science
  • Provide ample opportunities to develop group motor skills that allow children to use their bodies in active ways, both indoors and outdoors
  • Use a variety of activities that encourage language and social interactions
  • Support children as they experiment with a variety of art materials, science, music, movement, dramatic play opportunities and manipulative activities
  • Develop self-help skills in order to foster independence and confidence in each child
  • Provide a variety of activities within a routine to encourage and support cooperative play
  • Continue to foster a love and enjoyment of literature by providing a print rich environment

Tree Room Enrichment:
  • Music with Jammin With You (twice a month)
  • Ahead of the Game- creative movement (monthly)
  • Yoga (twice a month)
  • Dance (monthly)
  • Amazing Athletes
  • Mass Audubon/Audubon Ark
  • Newton Fire Department
  • Pediatric Dentist
  • Newton Safety Officer
  • Newton Public Librarian
  • Curious Creatures
  • Apple Picking
  • Brookline Puppet Showplace
  • Newton Community Farms
  • Longwood Muddy River Hikes
  • Boston Nature Center and Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Community Playground Trips

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